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Re: Add c++11 to USE_LANGUAGES

"Sevan / Venture37" <> writes:

>>   - On platforms with < 4.8 native, choose 6 as default.  (Once you have
>>     to build, might as well be modern.)
> Based on a commit message, this may not be feasible for illumos (there
> is no support for 6 yet).

Sorry, I meant some per-platform decision where we pick 6 if that works
ok, and something else if it makes sense.   I think it's fine to use 5
if that's the highest that works on illumos this week.

>>   - Add logic to fail if GCC_REQD is > than the chosen version, at least
>>     if some c++ flavor is in USE_LANGUAGES.
> To thwart USE_LANGUAGES=c++11 & GCC_REQD=5.3 being set?

What I meant is that if package uses C++, and the system-wide logic
picks X, but the package says it needs Y>X, then there are two options:

  fail (which is safe but not useful)
  try to use Y (which is not safe, becuase now you have a Y/X mix)

and I was leaning to safe.  If this hurts a lot, we'll change the
default, or individuals will.

>>   - Perhaps allow different compilers for plain C, perhaps not.
> This would only become effective upon building something which sets
> one of those two language settings or are you thinking anything which
> requires c++?

I mean that if some package which does NOT use c++ needs Y > X, with
default X, then it seems ok to build Y and use it.  Or at least it's not
clear that it's bad.  But I'm not sure this is actually useful, and it
adds complexity.  So perhaps we should leave it out for starters.

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