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Re: Add c++11 to USE_LANGUAGES

On 14 April 2017 at 15:50, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
> The upcoming LLVM linker might be locked with its corresponding LLVM
> release. This will enforce us to new enough llvm+clang+lld+lldb in the
> same version or go for bundling all of them and in the result link
> several libraries with different versions of LLD.

I'd not thought about the Clang side of things.
According to
Clang 3.3 for C++11
Clang 3.4 for C++14

> An alternative approach is to have one bootstrapped compiler for pkgsrc,
> it might solve some problems and create other ones for less popular
> platform.

We do that already for OSF/1 / Tru64, tnn published a compiler for
those systems. I've been thinking about the same for OS X Tiger (it
takes at least a  day or two to build GCC on G4 mini).


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