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Re: www/serf install permissions fix

On 04/14, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Given bulk builds using PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, it seems we shouldn't add
> checks for things that aren't really problematic until most of the
> things that would be caught are cleaned up.  So I'll probably add
> Lewis's code but not hook it in for now.   That way people who want to
> work on this issue can do so easily, but it won't trip up others.

By "not hook it in," do you mean a default of CHECK_DISTFILE_PERMS=no
for all cases including when PKG_DEVELOPER=yes?

On a related note, I created the check because you suggested it would be
useful.  In one of my earlier emails, I briefly asked if running pkgsrc
Make targets as root was supported?  I assumed it was, but I wanted to
be sure before even saying the extraction to world-writable files was an
issue.  I would not normally run pkgsrc Make targets as root, but I was
using pkg_comp 2.0 [1] which runs the pbulk bulk build as root (i.e., in
pbulk.conf, unprivileged_user=root) [2], so that's why I ran into this
issue in the first place.




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