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Re: www/serf install permissions fix

On 04/03, Edgar Fuß wrote:
> > One potential pitfall would be that the work directory might
> > be left in that state if an error occurs during the extraction
> > or fix-up such that the work directory is not restored to
> > {group,world}-searchable.
> Create a non-{g,w}-searchable subdir, extract there and move the
> contents back up to the work directory after fixing the extracted
> permissions?

Another good point.  I think that would work.  I'll call this idea #2
and refer to it below.

> Or just keep the extracted files in the subdir---this would also guard
> against upstream archives including .tools or the like.

If there was consensus that keeping the extracted files in the subdir
was a good idea, I'd be willing to do it, but I don't know if people
would be pleased with such a change since it would move the files one
directory deeper in the work directory, and it might break a number of
packages that do custom things for the extract and later phases.

Interesting point about .tools or the like, though.  My thought is that
in your idea #2, .tools and the like could be excluded when moving files
and directories back up.  However, I could also see just saying that
an archive must not contain these special directories, and it's up to
the pkgsrc developer to ensure that they don't (and then, of course,
the checksum guarantees it).  If I had to choose, I'd probably go with
the former, coming up with a list of special directories (e.g., .tools)
and excluding them when moving the archive contents back up to the work




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