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Re: www/serf install permissions fix

On 03/28, Greg Troxel wrote:
>   On macOS Sierra (10.12.3) with pkgsrc -current, www/serf fails to
>   install due to a failed file permissions check:
> I don't see this; serf builds fine even with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, on MacOS
> 10.12.4 (you're behind, since yesterdayish, but I doubt that matters).


(I didn't mention it, but yes, I have PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, and I
understand that's what triggers the file permissions check.)

> If I set my umask to 0 instead of 022, then I do see what you are
> reporting.
> Is your umask 0?  If you set it to 022, does that resolve things?

No, my umask is 022.

I'm building as root in a pkg_comp sandbox:

# umask
# cd www/serf
# bmake stage-install

The above fails for me in the way described.  So, I don't understand why
it works for you but not for me.  Are you building in a sandbox?  Are
you building as a regular user (e.g., pbulk)?

> It's not immediately clear how pkgsrc should deal with a 0 umask.  One
> option would be to notice and error out.  Another would be to insist
> that all package build systems refrain from creating files with 022 set.
> But it is pretty clear that I don't want to do any of this during the
> freeze!

Since my umask is 022, I don't know that this is the problem.
Nevertheless, if the umask can affect a build or install, then it seems
good to either make it so that the umask does not affect those things,
or control the umask so that it affects those things in the desired way.
This seems similar to the pkgsrc wrapper framework where it controls the
visibility of headers and libraries to avoid hidden dependencies and
thus makes builds more reproducible.  And of course I understand about
not doing anything related to umask during the freeze.



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