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Re: Updating chat/hexchat for security

Pierre Pronchery <> writes:

> I have only been able to package 2.12.3 so far, as 2.12.4 depends on
> some files in /usr/share/aclocal, /usr/share/intltool etc to be
> present and I haven't figured all the nits to get it to build yet -
> even after getting inspiration from eg audio/gimmix which has the same
> issue apparently.
> Is it fine to commit it anyway? I think it brings us closer to 2.12.4,
> and it is a leaf package. The corresponding patch is attached.

Yes, please commit the update you sent.

> If I find the time (or someone beats me to it) it is possible to study
> the individual commit that fixes the issue, and import it into pkgsrc
> if it really is appropriate for 2.12.1 or 2.12.3:

Even if that doesn't make it in time (we're nearing freeze end), the
udpate should make patching easier for a pullup.

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