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Re: [ Re: Drop imaging support from reportlab]

D'Arcy Cain <> writes:

>> ----- Forwarded message from Joerg Sonnenberger <> -----
>> Pillow is not a full drop-in replacement, but it is might be beyond
>> caring at this point. A better way would be to just move the selection
>> to the end, e.g. ${PYPKGPREFIX}-{Pillow-[0-9]*,imaging-[0-9]*}.
> Which I see you have done.  However, it still seems to have the same
> problem.  I am trying to create a textproc/py-rst2pdf package and it
> is not Python 3 ready.  When I build it it tries to build
> py-reportlab-2.7 as it should but then it tries to build py-Pillow-3.6
> and reportlab fails because of the missing dependency py-Pillow-2.7.

If it would be acceptable to add Pillow only for 36 and omit for 27, I
wonder about having a conditional dependency based on the python

But, I also wonder if we're arriving at a time in the python world where
some things are 3x only and some things are 27 only, and you just can't

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