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Re: p5-File-ReadBackwards Checksum SHA512 mismatch

On Wed, 15 Feb 2017, Alistair Crooks wrote:

> pkg_info -I digest
> digest-20160304     Message digest wrapper utility

t1:p5-File-ReadBackwards$ pkg_info -I digest
digest-20070803     Message digest wrapper utility

t1:p5-File-ReadBackwards$ digest sha512 
SHA512 (../../distfiles/File-ReadBackwards-1.05.tar.gz) = 
t1:p5-File-ReadBackwards$ openssl sha512 
WARNING: can't open config file: /etc/openssl/openssl.cnf

Okay so the digest doesn't generate same hash.

I used pkgin to install digest-20160304.tgz
and now it has correct hash.

=> Checksum SHA512 OK for File-ReadBackwards-1.05.tar.gz

t1:p5-File-ReadBackwards$ make show-var VARNAME=DIGEST_REQD              

Maybe some bug got fixed. Maybe the DIGEST_REQD should be bumped. I 
didn't check when it was fixed for me.

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