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spurious/incorrect "gobject-introspection" dependencies?

While working around pkg/51266, I came across what appear to be erroneous
dependencies on "devel/gobject-introspection".

"x11/libxklavier" unconditionally disables introspection, yet the Makefile
includes "../../devel/gobject-introspection/".

"devel/py-gobject3-common" and "devel/py-gobject3" ("py27-gobject3")
claim full dependency (i.e., build and runtime) dependency on
"gobject-introspection".  Is that true?  All the other packages I've
encountered only needed it for building.  Perhaps a line:

  BUILDLINK_DEPMETHOD.gobject-introspection:=    build

is appropriate in either their respective Makefiles or in the

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