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Policy about support and upgrade "safety"

I have asked several times already, but nobody provided an answer so far

1. What is the support policy for quarterly pkgsrc releases?. Joyent
policy is crystal clear here:

  - Quarterly releases are only supported until the next release.
  - 201xQ4 releases are LTS and supported for three years.
  - No mention about breaking stuff when upgrading (point 2 below).

  What is the policy for "master" pkgsrc?.

2. What is the policy about upgrading from release to release?. Is
acceptable to break client code, rename packages, delete packages,
incompatibilities, etc?.

  In SmartOS the normal procedure is to just scrap the zone and
"reprovision" it (similar to docker) with the new version, then populate
it with Ansible or similar. Nice until a 3-monthly (that is, FREQUENT)
upgrade breaks production code because, for instance, default Berkeley
DB library is now DB6 :-) or default python 3 is now 3.6 and my code
requires 3.4 (and both versions can not coexists, currently).

  The approach in SmartOS would be to use one of the LTS images, valid
for 3 years. Storm will be interesting when you try to upgrade to the
new LTS after those 3 years :-p

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