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So it seems (see PR 50988) that binutils/ doesn't check
USE_BUILTIN.binutils, so including it will always use pkgsrc binutis
regardless of builtin processing.

Whether this is a bug or not seems open to interpretation - I would
say that it is, because it will probably cause builds to fail if
builtin processing results in not installing pkgsrc binutils at all.
On the other hand, if it's supposed to override the default as it
ought to override the default as.

Opinions? There's only the one use of it in pkgsrc, so it's not
exactly a critical issue.

(It also looks like the builtin processing isn't checking the binutils
version, which means that pulling in pkgsrc binutils and setting a
specific version requirement won't work. The chief reason one might
want to force the use of pkgsrc binutils is to get a version that
understands some particular set of new extension instructions, so
unless I'm missing something this also seems like a problem.)

David A. Holland

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