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Builds of math/octave on netbsd-7 have been failing for a while,
with the failure being:

/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `_Unwind_GetIPInfo@GCC_4.2.0'
Makefile:2308: recipe for target 'octave-gui' failed
gmake[2]: *** [octave-gui] Error 1

(full log at
warning: giant file)

octave is an interesting package because the defaults on pkgsrc mean
it uses g95 (which is gcc 4.1), and qt5 with its C++?? insanity.

the weird thing is that _Unwind_GetIPInfo@GCC_4.2.0 really
isn't defined anywhere in netbsd-6/7*. It's just undefined for How are other things not hitting this error?


* I actually only checked netbsd-6.

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