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Re: libtool help needed - wip/qcad v3.15.4

On Fri, 29 Jul 2016, Iain Hibbert wrote:

> I've updated the QCad package in wip somewhat and the program now starts 
> and displays the splash screen but there is a problem in that libtool 
> refuses to install 4 lib files and I can't work out why
> I have put all the details in TODO but basically it refuses to install the 
> libraries (the Makefile does this manually, as the package does not 
> install anything itself) because it 'cannot install to a directory not 
> ending in /'
> I've been trying to see what is different from the files it refuses to 
> install versus the ones it did and I don't see it, except that they all 
> depend on a couple of other libs which libtool also complains about when 
> linking
> *** Warning: Linking the shared library ../../../plugins/
>    against the loadable module
> *** is not portable!
> so I'm wondering if that is an issue .. any libtool experts got any tips?

following up on this: I think, that this was because the files were not 
being satisfactorily linked/installed by the project build system before 
it attempted to link them into another module

I have worked around it by patching all the linking arguments like this

	-L${ROUTDIR} -lspatialindexnavel

to use direct references to the files in question, like this


and all this links without complaints now, QCad is running though 
there are still some problems with it


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