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libtool help needed - wip/qcad v3.15.4


I've updated the QCad package in wip somewhat and the program now starts 
and displays the splash screen but there is a problem in that libtool 
refuses to install 4 lib files and I can't work out why

I have put all the details in TODO but basically it refuses to install the 
libraries (the Makefile does this manually, as the package does not 
install anything itself) because it 'cannot install to a directory not 
ending in /'

I've been trying to see what is different from the files it refuses to 
install versus the ones it did and I don't see it, except that they all 
depend on a couple of other libs which libtool also complains about when 

*** Warning: Linking the shared library ../../../plugins/
   against the loadable module
*** is not portable!

so I'm wondering if that is an issue .. any libtool experts got any tips?


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