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Re: TOOLS: compress, uux

On Thu, Jun 09, 2016 at 07:58:29PM +0200, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > What's the supposed way for a package to depend on 1) compress and 2) uux?
 > There doesn't seem to be tools support for either. uucp may be part of the 
 > base system or need to be pulled in from net/uucp.

My recommendation for #1 would be to patch it to use gzip unless
there's some reason not to (old netnews software?) and for #2 to just
depend on net/uucp. There's no builtin support in net/uucp but that
could be arranged if anyone felt like bothering.

(surely it doesn't need to uuse uux while building, so uux doesn't need
to be a tool...?)

David A. Holland

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