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use exec (with shared libs) from build dir ?

geography/qgis fails to build because (after fixing python dependancy issue)
it wants to use a dynamically-linked executable from the build dir (and
the shared library is not yet installed):

Scanning dependencies of target synccrsdb
Shared object "" not found
src/crssync/CMakeFiles/synccrsdb.dir/build.make:57: recipe for target 'src/crssync/CMakeFiles/synccrsdb' failed

src/crssync/CMakeFiles/synccrsdb.dir/build.make:57 is:
cd /local/armandeche1/tmp/pkgbuild/geography/qgis/work/qgis-2.14.3/build
/src/crssync && ../../output/bin/crssync is in build/output/lib

Any idea how to fix this (use LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the build) ?
any package I could use as example ?

Adding the build dir to rpath is probably not right because this executable
will be installed, it's not only a build tool.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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