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Best approach for a FreePascal Package

Hello community,

I was curious why we haven't FreePascal 3.0 and Lazarus 1.6 in our Pkgsrc repo. OpenBSD und FreeBSD have versions too. So i looked into the Makefile and saw for FPC it requires an older FPC version for building the compiler. We haven't for a long time no FPC in our repo. Nicely the FreePascal project provides for some architecture older binaries(for NetBSD i386/AMD64 in version 2.6.4) to bootstrap to 3.0.

What is the best approach to create a pkgsrc recipt for that problem? I have a problem that i need to download a specific binary from sourceforge, which have somewhere linker problems(crosscompiled and unmaintained) and build with this newer versions of fpc. Also, we haven't the full control about that code or provided version. The limitation of some architectures doesn't look like best design and creates more exceptions for building binaries.

Btw,the suse-fpc packages recipt looks broken, but it's only in wip.



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