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interoperability between boost libraries and gcc5 from pkgsrc

I have some third-party software that requires c++14 and must link against the boost libraries.  It compiles fine with gcc5 installed from pkgsrc and as long as only boost headers are used, all is fine.  However, any software I link against the boost libraries, also installed from pkgsrc, fail with undefined symbol errors.  I am pretty certain this is because pkgsrc is built with the native compiler (gcc 4.8.4 nb2, i.e., NetBSD 7.0.1) so I am trying to link against incompatible boost libraries.  This is not too much of a surprise.  However, this raises the following question:

- How can I get pkgsrc to use gcc5 (or clang or any other specific compiler) throughout so that the libraries are compatible?  If I change anything to accomplish this, will I have to recompile all of pkgsrc?

Thanks for your help.


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