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libarchive fails to build - permissions

Fresh cvs update to pkgsrc head, OS X 10.9.

Building gets:

===> Building for libarchive-3.2.1
build/autoconf/install-sh -c -d libarchive/test
cat ./libarchive/test/test_*.c | grep '^DEFINE_TEST' >
sh: line 5: libarchive/test/list.h: Permission denied
*** [libarchive/test/list.h] Error code 1

I use CVSREAD=t so that files are read-only until I explicitly use "cvs
edit".  (In general we have a notion that sources can be read only, both
as a fs and source files permissions, so this doesn't seem that odd of

The problem is because the files/ content is 444 and is copied via "cp
-r", and then the build logic writes to the list.h files.

I can see multiple ways to fix:

1) cvs rm the list.h files.  They are generated by the build, so there's no
reason to have them in source control.

2) change the makefile to rm -f list.h files before writing to them

3) change the makefile to chmod +w list.h files before writing to them

I think 1 is the best; if they are always generated, they might as well
not be checked in.  I have that change staged and a build works fine.

Ok to commit this?  Or do you want to fix this some other way?

R files/cat/test/list.h
R files/cpio/test/list.h
R files/libarchive/test/list.h
R files/tar/test/list.h

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