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Re: add PKG_INSTALL_TRY_UPGRADE -- please review

On 09/06/16 17:10, Greg Troxel wrote:
> This doesn't work because pkgsrc assumes that all installed packages are
> consistent with the current source tree.  There are basically three ways
> to deal with this:
>   1) after cvs update, run pkg_rolling-replace -uv.  Deal with any
>   packages that build from scratch but that don't work this way (files
>   moving between packages, renaming, etc.).
>   2) pkgin fug to a set of binaries corresponding to the new sources (only
>   workable in practice for stable branches), or some similar tool
The recently provided current packages should make the workflow easier.

>   3) build packages in a fresh chroot (bulk build, or otherwise), and
>   update all packages at once.   This is basically option 2 in the case
>   you build the packages yourself.

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