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Re: add PKG_INSTALL_TRY_UPGRADE -- please review

matthew sporleder <> writes:

> I'd like to revive this old thread.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I'll assume you are doing updates from sources, rather than using
someone else's binaries or doing a bulk build yourself.

If you run pkg_rolling-replace, packages are updated ('make replace') in
order, and it shouldn't happen that a new version of a package is built
as a dependency when an old version is installed.

If you try to 'make replace' some package, and you haven't run
pkg_rolling-replace (or 'pkgin fug' with a binary set consistent with
your source tree), the dependency logic can decide it needs foo>=3 when
you have foo-2 installed and try to build (which works) and install
(which fails) a foo-3 package.

Are you trying to have 'make package-install' of foo-3 turn into 'make
replace' if another foo is installed?

Or something else?

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