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Re: Optionally make compat socklen_t default to int in bootstrap?

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 08:57:06AM +0200, Martin Husemann wrote:
 > > It only needs to have the same set of warnings that the compiles using
 > > it will have -- if those include -Wall -Werror, which I suppose in
 > > general they probably will, then it had better do *all* configure
 > > tests with -Wall -Werror, because this isn't going to be the only
 > > thing that might belch.
 > The problem is that there are different pkgs involved, we generate the
 > config + header in libnbcompat, but failure is pkg_install's libfetch.
 > Just doing AC_TRY_COMPILE() in nbcompat configure does not seem to
 > detect the mismatch (but I invoked it manually for testing, maybe bootstrap
 > passes better CFLAGS).

Right, so libnbcompat needs to test with the strictest compile flags
any client is going to use, and that means at least -Wall -Werror.

This probably also requires careful attention to the order of tests in as many of the off-the-shelf GNU ones do flagrantly wrong
things and break that way.

 > Can someone who is familiar with all the implications here please
 > handle this?  I can test ;-)

That's not me...

David A. Holland

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