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Re: ACCEPTABLEness of Standard PIL License (graphics/py-Pillow)

Hello Greg and tech-pkg@,

Greg Troxel writes:
> I think you and Joerg are both suggesting that we ask Pillow to change
> their license text to be a normal license.   It's fair to ask, but the
> history of pkgsrc engaging with upstreams to resolve things like this
> has been dismal.  I almost suggested that originally, but refrained as
> it seems to be tilting at windmills.
I have contacted the Pillow community regarding that but pretty
informally via IRC (but still not know that it was a copypasta error, or
maybe just a `old style' MIT variant).
IIUC the history of Pillow and PIL I am not sure if changing the
license is easy for them.

As Andrew pointed out it is in Debian "main" pool.

I will follow the Joerg's suggestion to just add a commented LICENSE
entry for now, pointing it to this discussion.
I take the responsability to contact Pillow developers more formally
ASAP asking for a clarification regarding that.


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