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Re: pkgconfig changes

Yeah, I think there's a slight disconnect here - the pkg_install that
is used in pkgsrc had a huge number of substantial changes, followed
by a rewrite in 2007, which resulted in there being a huge number of
changes between the version that was used in FreeBSD ports and the
pkgsrc variant. Same name, different implementations. I have no idea
why FreeBSD did a rewrite, and didn't use the pkgsrc version.

The last version of pkg I tried to compile on NetBSD had issues with
the getpass functionality, and wouldn't compile out of the box (so the
"known to work on" is a bit misleading).

pkg doesn't keep nearly the same amount of metadata about packages
that the pkgsrc pkg_install tools do (try pkg_info -b and pkg_info -B
sometime), and has no openpgp signature verification, to name but two


On 15 April 2016 at 21:37, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
>>> True, but why don't you just pkg_delete pkg-config?  In general, package
>>> installs don't auto-force-uninstall conflicting packages.
>> I did, but isn't it worth fixing because lots of people use
>> pkg_rolling-replace or make update?
>> John
> With FreeBSD ports it is possible to update a package when the name has changed, with either portupgrade or portmaster, maybe also synth.
> There is also pkg which has a function to change the effective name of a package, among many other things.
> I think pkg has been imported to NetBSD with pkgsrc, though the pkgsrc version is behind the FreeBSD version.
> FreeBSD switched from pkg_* tools, same as what NetBSD uses, to pkgng.
> From
> there is a link to
> Excerpt:
> pkg - a binary package manager for FreeBSD
> Known to fully work on (official package manager):
>     FreeBSD
>     DragonflyBSD
> Known to work on (has been ported to):
>     Linux
>     NetBSD/EdgeBSD
>     OpenBSD/Bitrig
>     OSX
> Tom

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