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Endian-ness conditional dependencies?

A quick 'grep' through the pkgsrc guide seems to indicate there is no
mechanism to detect or select based on the endian-ness of a platform.
One is left to include/exclude based solely on MACHINE or MACHINE_ARCH.

I noticed this while building modular Xorg on macppc.  "xf86-video-intel"
(understandably) fails with:

  #error "Platform must be LSBfirst."

(or similar).

For my immediate need, I inserted '.if ${MACHINE} != "macppc" ... .endif'
in "meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-driver/Makefile".

I haven't had reason to build modular Xorg on sparc{,64}, amiga, mac68k,
or mvme68k (the only big-endian/MSBfirst platforms I have), but they will
likely suffer the same fate.

Yes, one could build just the drivers they need, but if one wants the
jumbo meta-package, they'll hit this on MSBfirst platforms.

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