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Re: wrappers and gcc -isystem

Le 17/02/16 12:15, Jonathan Perkin a écrit :
I'm in full agreement here.  -isystem is the reason why qt5-qtbase is
currently broken on SunOS:

The issue is that the OS stddef.h is being picked up before GCC's due
to "-isystem /usr/include" overriding the default include order, so
::max_align_t is never defined.

It's not just an issue on SunOS, the same problem is causing nodejs to
currently fail on Darwin/gcc when using GCC 4.9 too.

+1 on removing -isystem completely.


'-isystem' is for cases of system headers special treatment sometimes needed in kernel modules, but not general purpose software.
replace it with '-I' if it can't simply be dropped.

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