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I'd like to propose making OS_VARIANT multi-value.

In particular this is useful for SunOS where currently only
"SmartOS" and "OmniOS" are listed variants but not "Illumos" as a whole.

The basis is simple, if ${OS_VERSION} == "5.11" and there is no "Oracle" found
in /etc/release, then the OS_VARIANT would be [initially] "Illumos".

Subsequently, "SmartOS" and "OmniOS" can tack onto OS_VARIANT with '+=' instead of '='.

This permits the following sort of checks (worst case)

.if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
.  if !empty(${OS_VARIANT:MIllumos})
.    if !empty(${OS_VARIANT:MSmartOS})
       <specific case 1...>
.    elif !empty(${OS_VARIANT:MOmniOS})
       <specific case 2...>
.    else
       <general Illumos case...>
.    endif
.  else
     #Sun or Oracle 

where I believe, naturally, the most common case to be differentiated is between "Illumos" and not.

To date, there are only two cases of "OmniOS" and a few more of "SmartOS", most of which would 
need to be updated... which is definitely feasible.

Richard PALO

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