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Re: KDE Frameworks 5 build problem

Am 31.01.2016 um 03:58 schrieb Mark Davies:
> I've started looking at packaging KDE Frameworks 5 (currently in wip) but I've 
> just hit a C++ error trying to build wip/kcoreaddons that I don't know the fix 
> for so any help appreciated.
> Building on NetBSD/amd64 7.0_STABLE I get the error:
> /src/work/pkgsrc/wip/kcoreaddons/work.x86_64/kcoreaddons-5.18.0/src/lib/caching/kshareddatacache_p.h: 
> In function 'SharedLockId findBestSharedLock()':
> /src/work/pkgsrc/wip/kcoreaddons/work.x86_64/kcoreaddons-5.18.0/src/lib/caching/kshareddatacache_p.h:399:48: 
> error: expected primary-expression before '(' token
>              tempLock = QSharedPointer<KSDCLock>(new 
> semaphoreTimedLock(tempSemaphore));

Did you have a look at what the preprocessor makes out of this? I agree
that this sounds weird, as all the identifiers don't look like
candidates for macros, but who knows?


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