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Pierre Pronchery <> writes:

> I would like to know if it would be fine to remove support for the
> APACHE_CUSTOM_CFLAGS variable in pkgsrc. It is not used by default, and
> breaks normal support for CFLAGS in www/apache{22,24}.
> Is anyone using this? If yes, I will welcome alternative solutions
> allowing support for CFLAGS and APACHE_CUSTOM_CFLAGS together.

This seems reasonable to remove.

If anything, we should have support for setting custom cflags on a
per-package basis in mk.conf, rather than an open-coded version of that
abstraction in particular makefiles.

However, I do wonder what the motivation was for adding this.  Did the
commit message that added it say anything useful?  The comments in the
Makefile do not.  (Really the explanation/justification belongs in the

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