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Re: pkglint issues in pkg_developer

Richard PALO <> writes:

>> pkgtools/pkglint is now the Go version, pkgtools/pkglint4 is the
>> original Perl version.  You'll need to use the original one if you're
>> running on SunOS 32-bit, as nobody has yet written the bits necessary
>> to make Go work for i386.
> In this case, pkg_developer should only reference the version that works...

Indeed.  Perhaps rilling@ could add conditional logic, or we can just
change pkg_developer to unconditionally depend on the older version
until then.

> BTW - why does pkglint suddenly need something special like the google
> language that couldn't be done with more, umm, traditional tools?

Calling it a google language is unhelpful.  The point is not that it is
new or who sponsored developement, but that there is not a portable
implementation (and perhaps more precisely, that there was not a
portable implementation already in pkgsrc).

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