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Re: pbulk with manual steps

> On Fri, Jan 01, 2016 at 01:13:37PM +0100, Havard Eidnes wrote:
>> Well, then pbulk's share/examples/pbulk/pbulk.conf gives
>> misleading information, because it says:
>> # The following programs must NOT be inside ${prefix}
>> pkg_info=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_info
>> pkg_add=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_add
>> pkg_delete=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_delete
> It's not misleading. The comment is absolutely right -- the existance of
> the programs (at the very least $pkg_info) is required, even when a
> potential bootstrapkit is not extracted.

Can you please then explain this preceding passage which you left
out as preceding context:

>>  > pbulk.conf has a comment that it must use a pkg_install installed
>>  > outside of /usr/pkg.
>> That is not true if you give it a bootstrap kit; then it can (and
>> should) use the pkg_install in the bootstrap kit.

It seems you're not quite agreeing with that.

And ... as demonstrated, it's no longer a good idea to use the
pkg_install installed in /usr/pbulk/sbin as the "pbulk pkg_install",
such as directed by the pbulk.conf example config file, because those
programs default to operating on the binaries in /usr/pbulk and the
pkg db in /usr/pbulk/var/db/pkg, and pbulk apparently doesn't
(anymore?) explicitly specify -K and -p options to direct them to
operate on /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg instead.

>> I see that when mk/pbulk/ is invoked with no arguments, it
>> will create a bootstrap kit, and append a setting of bootstrapkit=
>> to pbulk.conf.  Whether that's actually used is for me as an
>> operator difficult to tell from the log file produced by bulkbuild.
> It is used if it is referenced by pbulk.conf. I don't remember right now
> that version of pkg_install is in netbsd-6 to know if a bootstrap kit is
> the best option even on NetBSD for that branch. It is currently not
> needed or useful for netbsd-7 and -current.

My point is that if the distinction between "are you using a bootstrap
kit" and "are you *not* using a bootstrap kit" is significant to guide
the operator, its usage ought to be prominently noted in the log file.
It currently isn't.


- Håvard

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