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Re: bulk-small and jpeg

Le 13/12/15 19:10, David Holland a écrit :
> On Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 11:40:28AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
>  > Perhaps jpeg should just be dropped.  I realize by asking that I'm
>  > bringing up a different question, which is that maybe bulk-* should only
>  > include packages that someone might want, vs libraries that we know are
>  > wanted by many packages.  emacs22 already depends on jpeg, just to pick
>  > the first thing I noticed.
> The bulk-* packages contain commonly used libraries (of which jpeg is
> one of the most commonly used, after all) on the grounds that they're
> supposed to be maximally useful sets of things to be precompiled.
> That includes both for installing directly and for installing to use
> to build something else that isn't on the list.

emacs22 is certainly one dependant package upon mk/ in
> richard@omnis:/home/richard$ pkg_info emacs22
> Information for emacs22-22.3nb41:
> Comment:
> GNU editing macros (editor)
> Requires:
> pkg_install-info-[0-9]*
> perl>=5.0
> libjpeg-turbo>=1.1.0
> tiff>=4.0.3nb5
> png>=1.6.0nb1
> libXpm>=
> giflib>=5.1.0
> libXaw>=1.0.5
> ncurses>=6.0

The proposed patch should fix the current hard-coded jpeg depencency by using mk/
with a build-time dependency.
Richard PALO

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