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Re: bulk-small and jpeg

Richard PALO <> writes:

> I'd like to propose the following modification to deal with environments
> having selected 'libjpeg-turbo' instead of 'jpeg':

>> -BUILD_DEPENDS+=        jpeg-[0-9]*:../../graphics/jpeg
>> +.include "../../mk/"

This doesn't really make sense to me.  bulk-small is supposed to build a
defined set of packages.  Whether those are the packages any particular
person wants is another story; that's acknowledged in the comments.  And
adding conditionals seems like unnecessary complexity.

I would expect that with non-default jpeg options, other packages will
depend on libjpeg-turbo anyway, so both will be built.  This doesn't
seem all that different from building zlib when builtint zlib is used.

Perhaps jpeg should just be dropped.  I realize by asking that I'm
bringing up a different question, which is that maybe bulk-* should only
include packages that someone might want, vs libraries that we know are
wanted by many packages.  emacs22 already depends on jpeg, just to pick
the first thing I noticed.

What problem are you trying to solve?

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