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Re: Implement dash as bootstrap shell

On 10/12/15 13:23, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2015-12-10 at 00:14 GMT, David Sainty wrote:

I really don't see much benefit in having a patched version of dash that
behaves differently to every other version of dash, since the very way it
would behave differently is also such a point of contention with the dash
maintainers for some reason (and therefore the patch will never make it into
"standard dash").

How about making work with the standard dash behaviour
instead - perhaps by using "printf" instead of "echo" in
under dash?
Yeh, as I wrote in a later mail this is what I'm currently working on.
I now have an Ubuntu 14.04 machine running bulk builds with its native
/bin/dash, and will work on this branch (which already has the printf

Oh, in that case: Good work :)

Once we're done with the branch we can revisit this.  As for pdksh, I
will for completeness perform a new bulk build with it to see if it
fares any better.  As I mentioned earlier, in previous testing it was
horribly broken, at times unable to even build lang/perl, so it will
be interesting to see if this is fixed.  Given it was never able to
perform a full build there was no chance to do any meaningful
performance comparison, so that will also be useful.

That does sound a bit more broken than I've experienced, but I currently set SH= and (perhaps redundantly) CONFIG_SHELL= to pdksh on Linux systems, and have no current fallout for the subset of packages I use.

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