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Re: Implement dash as bootstrap shell

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> Under what circumstance do you see us needing to use other shells for
> bootstrap?  dash is the fastest shell I've tested, and supports all
> the features we require for a bootstrap shell.  I also like that, due
> to only supporting POSIX features, it keeps us honest and ensures we
> don't start using shell-specific constructs in our infrastructure.

That's a good argument.  I was unclear on whether there would be
choices, and whether there were some platforms that needed particular
other shells, since presumably we're talking about platforms whose
/bin/sh is too junky to start with, so they are in general troubled.

> Remember that any shell that you want to support in bootstrap needs to
> be extracted under files/, increasing the size of pkgsrc for each.

So it sounds like you are suggesting:

  commit the ability to use dash now

  (some point later, after the freeze???)  remove pdksh as a bootstrap
  shell option, resulting in the --enable-dash option going away,
  because it will just be used on platforms where pkgsrc knows that
  /bin/sh is not ok?

Or am I still not following?


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