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Re: libepoxy on OS X, gtk3

Adam <> writes:

>>> I am building on OS X 10.9 with dmg-installed Xquartz, not having moved
>>> to modular/in-tree yet.
>>> A while ago, I found that gtk3 would not build, because libepoxy didn't
>>> install glx.  This was a mess because upstream is trying to support a
>>> notion that libepoxy might not require X, when really things that depend
>>> on it expect it to provide them.   I fixed this on 2015-09-14.
>>> Now, the failure is happening again - gtk3 doesn't build.
>> FWIW this shows up on 10.11 with modular Xorg too:
>> I'm not familiar in this area to make a recommendation.

Was your commit of 11/19 discussed?   I didn't see it.

> On OS X, I don't use X11 at all. And I think we should not ask users
> to install X11 when programs work fine with native graphics.

As in you build gtk3?  With default options, or with setting something?

jperkin@'s build shows that they don't build ok, and they don't build ok
for me either.

> At this moment, libepoxy will either build with native OS X graphics
> or with modular X11. I recommend adding an 'x11' option, turned on for
> all platforms except Darwin and move the OPSYS==Darwin condition to

Have you set some options?  As I read the makefiles, libepoxy
uncondtionally depends on MesaLib, which unconditionally depends on x11
- but they are a little twisty.

I think x11 is the normal case, and that has to work, and that pkgsrc as
a portable system should produce consistent results.  Building with
quartz instead of x11 as a global option seems fine, in addition.

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