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Re: No CVS information for pkgsrc-wip?

> Now it seems that there isn't any information about getting pkgsrc-wip via
> CVS. Do we really have to install all the junk above just to fetch
> pkgsrc-wip? This certainly makes it unusable for beginners.

git is unusable for beginners; there's little added burden. :(
(or something like that)

I was trying to show someone how to use NetBSD with pkgsrc and wanted to install something from wip. Sure, if we were doing binary packages it wouldn't have been so bad, but we didn't have a few hours to wait for perl to compile on a first generation Raspberry Pi.

> If CVS is no longer available, is anyone planning to host a CVS copy of the
> git tree?

That's awfully painful, unfortunately.

Unfortunately it appears that the code to use Mercurial as a frontend
for a git repo doesn't really work...

I've never looked in to it, but it'd be nice if people can use cvs or sup or anything else that comes with NetBSD to fetch and update pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip. I have nothing against git except the requirements.

Does anyone have experience in making read-only CVS available from a git tree?


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