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No CVS information for pkgsrc-wip?


The last time I looked pkgsrc git requires:

p5-Error>=0.17015 perl>=5.22.0 perl<5.24.0 p5-Email-Valid>=0.190 p5-MailTools-[0-9]* p5-TimeDate-[0-9]* p5-Net-DNS-[0-9]* p5-Digest-HMAC>=1.0 p5-Net-IP>=1.20 p5-IO-Socket-INET6>=2.01 p5-Socket6>=0.12 p5-Socket6-[0-9]* p5-Net-Domain-TLD-[0-9]* p5-IO-CaptureOutput-[0-9]* p5-MailTools>=2.11 p5-Net-SMTP-SSL>=1.01 p5-IO-Socket-SSL-[0-9]* p5-IO-Socket-INET6-[0-9]* p5-Net-LibIDN-[0-9]* libidn>=0.4.6 libidn>=1.20nb1 p5-Net-SSLeay>=1.59 p5-Mozilla-CA-[0-9]* p5-Authen-SASL>=1.0 p5-Digest-HMAC-[0-9]* p5-GSSAPI-[0-9]* curl>=7.12.3 curl>=7.35.0nb1

Now it seems that there isn't any information about getting pkgsrc-wip via CVS. Do we really have to install all the junk above just to fetch pkgsrc-wip? This certainly makes it unusable for beginners.

If CVS is no longer available, is anyone planning to host a CVS copy of the git tree?

John Klos

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