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Re: Making pbulk build just one new package

* On 2015-10-15 at 03:49 BST, J. Lewis Muir wrote:

> I like having pbulk build the package because that ensures it's built
> in exactly the same way as the other packages I've built.  To get pbulk
> to build just one package, I move pkglist to pkglist.orig and create
> pkglist with just one line: the package I want pbulk to build (e.g.
> "local/chkver").  I then run bulkbuild in the chroot.  Unfortunately, it
> spends about 5 minutes scanning and resolving before it starts to build
> that one package.  Is there a better way?

It's doing what it needs to do, but there are ways to optimise it:

 - Ensure you have reuse_scan_results=yes set in pbulk.conf

 - When running a limited build, I usually limit the number of scan
   chroots a lot.  Unlike a full build, limited builds require
   multiple scan phases, each of which will run through chroot
   setup and teardown, which can quickly become the bottleneck.

For only one or two packages in pkglist I'd use just one scan chroot.

In our SmartOS 'tools' builds, which have a pkglist of around 40
packages, I use 4 (compared to the full runs of 12+), though if this
was OSX I'd reduce it even further as OSX sandbox creation is a lot
more intensive.

Hope that helps,

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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