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Making pbulk build just one new package

Hello, Everyone!

I use pbulk on OS X to build my packages in a chroot environment (using
Jonathan Perkin's "Distributed chrooted pkgsrc bulk builds" method).
Sometimes I will update a pkgsrc package to a new version and want to
rebuild just that package.  For example, I just updated a local package,
pkgsrc/local/chkver, from version 4.3 to 4.4, and I'd like to have pbulk
build that new package for me.  What's the best and quickest way to make
pbulk do that?

I like having pbulk build the package because that ensures it's built
in exactly the same way as the other packages I've built.  To get pbulk
to build just one package, I move pkglist to pkglist.orig and create
pkglist with just one line: the package I want pbulk to build (e.g.
"local/chkver").  I then run bulkbuild in the chroot.  Unfortunately, it
spends about 5 minutes scanning and resolving before it starts to build
that one package.  Is there a better way?



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