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Re: First go at adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support

On 02/10/15 11:49, Greg Troxel wrote:
David Sainty <> writes:

I think gccXY-libs is perhaps the primary source of pain. I'm not totally sure I've seen anything that didn't boil down to that.
This is pretty scary, because it inherits up and down; when building
something you not only have to match dependencies, but also things that
depend on you.   That feels intractable, and leads to "just build
everything with gcc 4.8 (or some higher version)".  So maybe we should
just do that.

Hmmm, I see what you mean. It's mostly a C++ issue I think, which might explain why the impact is somewhat limited, I guess there are more C libraries than C++ libraries.

If we introduce PKGSRC_GCC_MIN, it might be generally helpful to set a Pkgsrc default based on current realities, and every so often bump it up.

E.g. right now, PKGSRC_GCC_MIN=4.8 would be a sane minimum, it seems to be the version that more and more packages are requiring. If you have a native version below 4.8, you're probably better to jump straight to 4.8. Anything native over 4.8 is probably ok for the moment, and individuals could personally set a lower PKGSRC_GCC_MIN if they have unusual requirements.

But I'm not sure what problems this might cause for all the platforms Pkgsrc supports. Perhaps per-platform PKGSRC_GCC_MIN values solves that?

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