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Re: First go at adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support

atomicules <> writes:

> I'm still happy to carry on having a go at implementing whatever is
> needed. But I'm not sure what the consensus is on the approach
> required?
> Do we still want a list of incompatible versions? And a

Not sure about consensus, but:

I would like the version variable for each package to be a single min
version, and eventually also support antoher variable with incompatible
versions.  However, it's not clear that greater-and-incompat exists all
that often in reality, so defining that in the docs with a
not-implemented-yet note seems fine.

I have mixed opinions about picking an installed acceptable vs
deterministic choosing.  I tend to go with deterministic and let people
give a min if they want, since deterministic is good.  Perhaps we should
set a min with ?=, so that the normal case is not problematic.

PKGSRC_GCC_MIN also seems like a good idea.   I would use it to say
  "any time we are building with gcc, use at least PKGSRC_GCC_MIN".
Another approach is
  "any time we are building with gcc and base isn't good enough, use at
  least PKGSRC_GCC_MIN".
and really if we end up with PKGSRC_GCC_MIN and PKGSRC_GCC_FORCE that
would be fine.  I don't think we really know why we need those exactly
and thus it's hard to figure out.

The really tricky part is the notion of inheriting versions from other
packages that a package depends on.  I see the point, but it opens up
many cans of worms, so I would be inclined to skip this for now, and to
have a different mechanism (really, different variable to set in bl3)
when it is time to do that part.  In general, I think if we can solve
part of the problem and leave the rest for later without incurring
significantly more pain because of the split, doing half is a win.

I definitely would like to see diffs to mk/compiler/ fixing up the
specs for variables and documenting the new behavior, even before code.
Writing really clear text will help clarify the difficult details.

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