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Re: First go at adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support

Hi Greg,

thanks very much for so much feedback.

On 25-Sep-2015 11:14:41, Greg Troxel wrote:

* New versions keep appearing.  It's at best awkward to have to go edit
 packages to say the new version is ok, and in practice it isn't going
 to happen.

Good point.

That could lead us to:

 GCC_REQD = (lowest versions that is ok, must be just one)

 GCC_INCOMPATIBLE = (list of vesrions > REQD that are not ok)

Ok. Well, if you don't mind me bumbling along I'll carry on and make changes based on that idea. I'll just do things in small steps and post here for help and feedback.

This approach would have the side effect of causing most packages with GCC_REQD=4.5, for example, to be ok with a 4.8 compiler.
This is actually what's documented already in
mk/compiler/, but it seems that it doesn't do it.

Sorry, you've lost me here. I don't follow where this is documented or what you mean by GCC_REQD=4.5 being ok with 4.8. Is this a known thing, that anything that compiles under 4.5 can go up to 4.8, but anything above that is questionable?

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