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Re: Disabling strip by default on Darwin [Re: Fix Erlang on OSX]

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>> [wrapper to add the right args is hard]

>> Personally I would vote that the default on OSX is changed to
>> INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED. As the symbols are useful for debugging anyway,
>> packages won't hit this issue in the future, and this is simpler than
>> implementing a wrapper.
> Yes, this is by far my preferred fix too, being of the opinion that stripping
> is actively harmful and a relic of the era of 20MB disks.
> My proposed fix would simply be:
>   --- mk/platform/	17 Aug 2015 17:35:23 -0000	1.69
>   +++ mk/platform/	31 Aug 2015 09:32:18 -0000
>   @@ -144,3 +144,3 @@
>    _STRIPFLAG_CC?=		${_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED:D:U-Wl,-x} # cc(1) option to strip
>   -_STRIPFLAG_INSTALL?=	${_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED:D:U-s}	# install(1) option to strip
>   +_STRIPFLAG_INSTALL?=	${_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED:D:U}	# install(1) option to strip
> Any strong objections to this?  We already do this on other platforms (HPUX,
> OSF1, SCO, UnixWare).

I don't object at all, but it would be nice to drop in a comment about
what's being worked around and why it's too hard to fix.  Perhaps:

# OSX strip(1) tries to remove relocatable symbols, which fails,
# resulting in non-zero exit status.  XCode makes adding a wrapper to
# add options to avoid relocatable too hard, so we avoid the issue.

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