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Re: Fix Erlang on OSX

* On 2015-08-24 at 19:38 BST, Steven Williamson wrote:

> Trying to get RabbitMQ installed on OSX and the first hurdle is that Erlang
> does not appear to build.
> The build fails with errors on install, due to the strip command generating
> errors about symbols that can not be stripped as in the example error
> below. I edited the build scripts so that the specific file does not get
> strip run, and the build fails with the same error on another file and so
> on...
> Iv'e attached a patch which fixes the issue (Setting INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED).
> With this Erlang builds and installs without error.

I've committed these, thanks!

> Is this the correct fix though ? arguably it looks like on OSX strip by
> default attempts to strip too many symbols, should binaries be stripped at
> all on install by default ?

Yes possibly, I set INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED=yes by default on our SmartOS
builds but not on OSX.  I will test a full bulk build with strip
disabled to see how many extra packages we get before deciding whether
it should be disabled by default.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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