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Re: Question: wip, git, ssh and permissions

   Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:57:52 +0100
   From: Ottavio Caruso <>

   The pkgscr documentation is confusing and intimidating and scares even
   the best-intentioned away.

   If the official docs state that the standard place to dump your cvs is
   /usr/pkgscr, then they put a dollar sign before the command line, I
   might think that I am ok with using the non-root user to manipulate
   /usr/pkgscr, but it's obviously not the case.

We could change Sec. 1.3 `Terminology' to add that pkgsrc may live
anywhere, not just in its traditional location in /usr/pkgsrc.

That said, Chapter 2 `Where to get pkgsrc and how to keep it
up-to-date' starts by saying:

  `Before you download and extract the files, you need to decide where
   you want to extract them.  When using pkgsrc as root user, pkgsrc
   is usually installed in /usr/pkgsrc.  You are though free to
   install the sources and binary packages wherever you want in your

This is just before it explains how to either fetch a pkgsrc tarball
by ftp or check pkgsrc out of CVS.

Can you suggest how the guide could be made clearer on this?

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