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Re: Question: wip, git, ssh and permissions

On Mon, 24 Aug 2015, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
If I connect to git using ssh under my regular non-root account, will
I be able to transfer data, or should I connect using a root account,
in which case I'll have to make another keypair under root?

Though shallst never work as root unless absolutely neccessary.
cvs and git most likely do not call for root.

I am sorry, but if you want to write to /usr/pkgsrc you need root,
don't you? Otherwise you have to "chown" the whole tree to your
regular user.


For the systems that I use pkgsrc and that I actually do have root privileges, I have /usr/pkgsrc as a symlink somewhere to my $HOME.
On the other systems I just enjoy that pkgsrc can be anywhere,
and even used without root privileges for most things.

 - Hubert

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