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Re: OWN_DIRS prunes /var/tmp (PR 35340)

> It seems to me that the right fix is to not use either rmdir -p or
> mkdir -p, and to fix packages that don't explicitly create ancestor
> directories.
Being explicit about parent directories seems to be The Right Thing; it may 
amount to some work, though.

> However, this introduces two other issues:
> (a) where do we stop (do we need OWN_DIRS for /var? surely not; but what 
> about e.g. /var/db, which probably doesn't exist on say Linux?)
I think one would best add a section to The Guide stating which directories 
are OK to assume to exist plus some examples (like /var/db) which are not.
Plus make pkglint (or PKG_DEVELOPER=YES) warn about directory creation 
without the parent either having been created or being in the list of those 
sure-to-exist directories.

> (b) does mucking with the +DIRS script affect other directory creation that 
> we aren't prepared to deal with or where using mkdir -p is necessary and 
> appropriate?
I don't get that. Does your question ask whether the +DIRS script gets used 
for things different from OWN_DIRS etc.?

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