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Re: netbsd32_compat packages

Greg Troxel wrote:
>Robert Swindells <> writes:
>> Is there a reason we don't have a netbsd32_compat package for anything
>> later than 4.0 ?
>I don't think there are any good reasons not to have them.  I am
>guessing it's just lack of round tuits.
>It's not entirely clear which versions should exist.   I gather there
>was some incompatable ABI change in X somehow in either 5 or 6.

It shouldn't make any difference whether there was an ABI change.

>> I had a go at creating netbsd32_compat61 by cutting and pasting stuff
>> from the 4.0 package and it seems to work ok.
>So that's libraries that allow one to run binaries compiled under 6.1 on

The libraries allow you to run e.g. i386 binaries compiled under 6.1
on amd64 netbsd-6 or netbsd-7. Should work for mips/mips64 and
sparc/sparc64 too.

All the library tarballs already exist, the extra package just pulls down
the i386 compat61 ones if you "build" it on amd64.

>If you could drop it in wip or send a link, that would be a next
>logical step.

Will put it somewhere and send a link.

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