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Re: Updated lang/lua53 without realising it's freeze

David Holland wrote:
> Well, there's two sets of reasons for the freeze: (1) to make it
> possible for people to get test builds done without constant
> rebuilding; and (2) to avoid having the branch be broken. Point (1) is
> shot once you make the first accidental commit (reverting only causes
> more builds and makes it worse) so it's all point (2).
> To that end, it would be helpful to know the nature of the changes and
> the amount of breakage likely to be incurred by not reverting.

Breakage is unlikely. There are 4 small bugfixes which don't change
public API. I also added a new index.css entry to PLIST.

A list of changes, including patches, is available on Lua's bugs page:

> (There's also a third point, which is that in order to be able to
> maintain freeze discipline in the long run, sometimes it's necessary
> to revert perfectly good changes that would otherwise probably be ok.
> The need for this comes and goes depending on circumstances and I'm
> not sure how pmc feels about it right now.)

Reverting this particular change is easier than writing down 'I will
never do it again' 100 times ;-)

I would prefer if commits during freeze were only possible with an extra
effort. For instance, by using a special ssh key.


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